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Author: Frank G. from Minnesota

I spent around $5000 if not more on products over the last few years. Nothing worked or if it did, it did not last. This is the first supplement I am trying outside of Rogain and I am impressed. My hair is already thicker and I believe some new hairs are growing in on my widow's peak.

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Author: Milo from Long Beach

My father and grandfather are bald, and now is happening to me, but with this product I am avoiding that, my hair line is recovering and even my father realized it, he hopes it work for him at his age.

Author: Bex from NA

How long did it take to notice new growth? I am at my wit's end over here trying to get my hair to grow back. I have tried so many things, I just want one thing to work!

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Author: Don from Texas

i wear hats and caps all time, because I am ashamed of my thin weak hair, but soon I will leave hat forever, I am growing new stronger hair, Its wonderful

Author: Larry from MAINE

I don't understand... You had to wear the hats to make it work or because it didn't work, you have to wear hats for good? I work in a factory and hair loss came from my hardhat putting too much pressure on my scalp.

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Author: Calvin from UT

I started using Foligen 2 weeks ago and now I see certain amount of growth in my receding hairline! I do hope to notice even more growth in next 2 weeks.

Author: Debbie Cassin from Nevada

I am impressed. 2 weeks?? I have been on it 2 months and I am only now just seeing differences. My hair is growing faster but no new growth yet. Fingers crossed!

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Author: Bill from Sacramento

Since I use Foligen, I look better, other people is noticing I have more hair, visible results!

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Author: Saul from Miami

Its horrible to see your hair falling and not to have a solution, but Foligen is the solution, I would recommend to you if have the same issue.

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Author: Gordon from New Jersey

Foligen is the only thing that stopped my hair loss, I am so glad I found it.

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Author: Jeremy from Oregon

I was very worried, every morning I leave hair in my pillow, in the shower, everywhere, but all is changing with this foligen pills.

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Author: Lars from Chicago

I never think I could cure my recidng line, but foligen did it! I was so insecure because my obvious baldness, but there pills are working for me.

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Author: Johnson from NYC

I tried a lot of pills before Foligen I really had patience, but nothing! Only until I started to use Foligen I noticed a real change.

Author: Henry from Folexin Forum

I am glad this one worked for you. Thus far it hasn't done much outside of make my hair strong. I am happy about that but I wanted it to grow in my lost hair. Sigh... I will finish off my next bottle and if nothing new, I will try another product.

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Author: Homer from Orlando, FL

Foligen is working for me, I take one month ago and I notice I ma losing less hair.

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Author: Jim from Delawere

This product is really fantastic, I am recovering from hair loss, I am so happy

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