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Author: L. Thomas from Arkansas

Biotin has been pretty good for me! My hair started to recede and immediately I looked for a solution. 6 weeks into Biotin now and my hair is looking good. Not back to its former glory yet, but I am hopeful! Cheers.

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Author: Stan F from Michigan

I'm doing my research trying to find the best hair loss pill for me. I have Type 2 Diabetes and I take medication for this. Will Biotin (or any other pill of its kind) be 100% safe for me? I will ask my doctor as well.

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Author: Shirley from Washington

I have been using Biotin for nearly 2 months now and my experience is rather neutral. My hair loss has slowed down substantially, but I haven't seen much growth or thickening at all. I'll keep taking them for a little longer.

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Author: Mick from Maine

I am considering using Biotin to fight my hair loss. Currently I also take weight loss pills, will there be any negative to using both? Hopefully they don't work against each other somehow.

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Author: Jerry from Louisville

As an older guy in his 50s, my hair isn't as good as it once was. Little over 3 weeks into Biotin now and things are looking up, I'm not losing as much hair in the shower and I think it may be getting thicker. Happy so far.

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Author: Kathy Ann from Florida


Author: Denise Rodgers from Biotin forum

Hi Kathy, How long have you been taking the supplement? I am curious because I want to see when results start coming in. I ordered a bottle on Amazon last night.

Author: Daryl N. from Seattle

I used it for about 2 weeks and I started noticing new growth in the back. I am sure it depends on the person but I thought I would let you know. I recommend it. My bald spot is a lot smaller now.

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Author: Lindsey B. from Chicago Area

I am going to give it more time. Myself and my sister started taking them at the same time. We are twins. She noticed new growth within 2 weeks, now at 4 weeks I have not seen anything. I have bleached and permed my hair several times where she has never done anything like that to her hair.

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Author: Jay from Canada

Does anyone know if the results will reverse if you stop taking them? I am not sure how these work but I want to make sure.

Author: Anonymous from Biotin forum

This is a biotin supplement so it works with your body. If you stop taking it and your levels drop it may reverse. Check with your doc!

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Author: Babe from Biotin forum

The supplements are OK. I feel like my skin, hair, and nails all look better but I have not noticed any new growth and I just finished the first bottle.

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Author: Nickolas from CHICAGO

I tried Biotin 2 different times. The first time it did make my hair stronger but the second time, it did nothing for growth. My hair may feel strong but I am still not seeing any growth. I will try another option.

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Author: Dan Mitchel from Missouri

I wanted a max strength biotin supplement since I recently found out my levels were low. I am a vegetarian and my doctor told my my hair loss is due to missing nutrients. I have been taking these supplements for about 3 weeks and I have already seen a change in hair shed. It is not coming out as much and it feels like it is a strong texture.

Author: Bailey Adams from Portland

What the texture stiff? I found that my hair texture did feel thicker but it was also very dry feeling. It almost felt as if I had ocean hair (salt from the ocean left on it) even after several washes with rich conditioner.

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Author: Jerry from Biotin forum

High levels of biotin are said to increase hair loss in some men and women. If this is true, what are my risks in using these vitamins?

Author: Dr. K from Boston, M

Jenny - this is something you need to speak with your doctor about. If you already have biotin levels in a good range, then this could have a negative outcome for you. People who experience hair loss from biotin are not biotin deficient to begin with.

Author: Mel from NV

I did not experience any hair loss at all. I have been taking this Biotin for about 4 months now. I think it depends on your body. It happens but it isn't common from what I read.

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Author: D. Rose from Wyoming

My nails, skin, and hair have all improved in a matter of weeks with using these vitamins. I noticed in the first few days. They did, however, give me some hot flashes the first week but I read biotin supplements can do this.Over all I am happy with my purchase and will be getting a second bottle soon.

Author: Becks from Biotin forum

I was worried about this. Thanks for sharing that they went away. I can't stand getting hot flashes and I finally got mine under control. I will give this vitamin a try :)

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