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Author: Anonymous from Tampa

Is this a pill that needs to be taken forever? What happens if you miss a dose? Does your hair begin to fall again Also, I have not seen any real side effects? After all, it is a hormonal supplement. I'm reviewing this product for my husband and I. He is 59 and I'm 53

Author: Sarah from Folexin forum

You are wrong. This is not a hormonal supplement. Just like with most other "hair loss treatment pills" the main ingredient here is Biotin which is simply... a vitamin B7! There can't be negative effects of taking vitamins unless you have an allergy or you overdose.

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Author: Anonymous from Austin Texas

Hi Milo, I am only giving this 4 stars because I haven't completed my second bottle, so about a month and a half. I have new hair, about an inch average growing all over the top of my head! I am female, 57 - the only side effect is constipation - which can be remedied in other ways. I am curious if anyone else has experienced this?

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Author: Chris from US

I may need to give it more time but I am starting my second bottle now and I am not seeing any new growth. My hair feels stronger and thicker which is good but that can be down to the new shampoo I am using. Not sure.

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Author: Timmy P. from Folexin forum

FANTASTIC RESULTS! I noticed right away, it seems like it only took a few weeks to see new hair coming in. I am not sure why my hair was suddenly thinning out but Folexin is helping me! I am in my early 30's with no known medical issues.

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Author: Bryan Davis from Cincinnati, Ohio

Can someone help me out? I am looking for a list of the ingredients to take to my doctor. I can't seem to find it but I may be overlooking it. He told me to bring it in before I try it but I didn't want to pay for it and find out I can't take it.

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Author: Lewis from Las Vegas

Been taking for less then a month notice more hairs and density. However, having sexual side effects. My sex drive has went down.

Author: Jackie Robinson from Florida

I noticed the same thing and talked to my doctor about it. It turns out, that it was not the pills but a hormonal issue I have had for a few years now with fibroids. I guess one or more ingredients increased the growth. I had one removed and feel a lot better now.

Author: Michael A. from Germany

That's weird, folexin should not affect your sex life and health, it's impossible! there should be something else that decreases your desire. I've used the product for two months - two daily as directed - and have had no side effects! folexin works! by far its the best hair health capsule I've tried - it did not make my hair thicker but it stops it falling out!!

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Author: Shane from Folexin forum

I guess it works for some and not for others. My hair has stopped falling out like it was but I have not noticed any new growth and it has been 4 months. Sadly, I think I will have to try something else.

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Author: Frank G. from Minnesota

I spent around $5000 if not more on products over the last few years. Nothing worked or if it did, it did not last. This is the first supplement I am trying outside of Rogain and I am impressed. My hair is already thicker and I believe some new hairs are growing in on my widow's peak.

Author: Madison from NU

Hello! How long did it take for you to see the results? I am very impatient and don't want to waste money on something that won't work for me.

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Author: Milo from Long Beach

My father and grandfather are bald, and now is happening to me, but with this product I am avoiding that, my hair line is recovering and even my father realized it, he hopes it work for him at his age.

Author: Bex from NA

How long did it take to notice new growth? I am at my wit's end over here trying to get my hair to grow back. I have tried so many things, I just want one thing to work!

Author: Anonymous from Austin Texas

Hi Milo, I am only giving this 4 stars because I haven't completed my second bottle, so about a month and a half. I have new hair, about an inch average growing all over the top of my head! I am female, 57 - the only side effect is constipation - which can be remedied in other ways. I am curious if anyone else has experienced this?

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Author: Don from Texas

i wear hats and caps all time, because I am ashamed of my thin weak hair, but soon I will leave hat forever, I am growing new stronger hair, Its wonderful

Author: Larry from MAINE

I don't understand... You had to wear the hats to make it work or because it didn't work, you have to wear hats for good? I work in a factory and hair loss came from my hardhat putting too much pressure on my scalp.

Author: Frank from Folexin forum

I am confused as well. I think there is a typo in there somewhere. A friend at work recommended it to me. He said that his hair became much stronger almost instantly and stopped falling out nearly as much.

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Author: Calvin from UT

I started using Foligen 2 weeks ago and now I see certain amount of growth in my receding hairline! I do hope to notice even more growth in next 2 weeks.

Author: Debbie Cassin from Nevada

I am impressed. 2 weeks?? I have been on it 2 months and I am only now just seeing differences. My hair is growing faster but no new growth yet. Fingers crossed!

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Author: Bill from Sacramento

Since I use Foligen, I look better, other people is noticing I have more hair, visible results!

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Author: Saul from Miami

Its horrible to see your hair falling and not to have a solution, but Foligen is the solution, I would recommend to you if have the same issue.

Author: Dianna Kellar from Mississippi

Can this be taken by young men? My son started losing hair when he was 17 and now at 19, he has a noticeable reading line. I want to see if there are options to stop it and reverse it for him.

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Author: Gordon from New Jersey

Foligen is the only thing that stopped my hair loss, I am so glad I found it.

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Author: Jeremy from Oregon

I was very worried, every morning I leave hair in my pillow, in the shower, everywhere, but all is changing with this foligen pills.

Author: Sara R from NYC

I noticed this as well and it was scary! I am not noticing any bald spots or anything but I am losing a lot of hair out of nowhere. How long did it take to stop the night time shedding? Mine also seems to be coming out in the shower more now too.

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Author: Lars from Chicago

I never think I could cure my recidng line, but foligen did it! I was so insecure because my obvious baldness, but there pills are working for me.

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Author: Johnson from NYC

I tried a lot of pills before Foligen I really had patience, but nothing! Only until I started to use Foligen I noticed a real change.

Author: Henry from Folexin forum

I am glad this one worked for you. Thus far it hasn't done much outside of make my hair strong. I am happy about that but I wanted it to grow in my lost hair. Sigh... I will finish off my next bottle and if nothing new, I will try another product.

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Author: Homer from Orlando, FL

Foligen is working for me, I take one month ago and I notice I ma losing less hair.

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Author: Jim from Delawere

This product is really fantastic, I am recovering from hair loss, I am so happy

Author: David Chole from New Jersey

I started losing hair from medication. I have since stopped taking it but have not noticed the hair returning. How soon was your hair recovering?

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