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Author: Dale G. from Boston

Over all I am happy. I am impressed that it only took about a week to see changes. My hair feels and looks thicker, less hair fall when I am in the shower, I think even my dandruff issue is basically gone now. I am going to stick with this one.

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Author: Anonymous from Foliactive Forum

Great product, helped me with my hair loss!

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Author: Ron from London

I have to say foliactive saved my image, I was sad thinking all time in my balding, but I have not to worry anymore.

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Author: Milo from New York

Took a long time before noticing some results, I will wait some more time to see if is really effective.

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Author: James from San Fernando, CA

I know many of you have doubt about purchasing, noone want to lose money. I tried by 3 months and other people is commenting I look diffrent, they said it not me, its other people who really can notice it when you dont see them daily

Author: Sarah C. from Wisconsin

I have a lot of doubts because I can't seem to find anyone who will go into detail for me about the product. I feel like no one is being honest. Can someone give me ONE honest feedback so I know if I should chance this or not?

Author: DAVE from NV

Sarah - I thought the same thing. I only purchased it because a friend has used it and it worked for him. I have been on Foliactive for roughly 4 months now and my hair is growing in where it had been bald for YEARS. I am talking since my 30's. I am 47. I think it is worth trying.

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Author: Loui from Broadway

In my career appareance is very important, thanks to goodness I found this pills to help me with hair loss, I hope this is permanent

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Author: Raul from Orlando, FL

This is the best grow hair pill ever, I never thought that I could recover from balding

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Author: Hans from Pennsylvania

I am happy with foliactive, it stopped my hair loss, I recommend it

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Author: Catherine from Foliactive Forum

You know hair loss isn't just a man thing? Yeah, women go through it too. Mostly from stress and hormones, and I guess I'm one of the unlucky few. Thankfully this product worked as advertised, because my health insurance doesn't pick up hair loss medication, and I can't afford brand name stuff. Now no one can tell that I was losing hair along my temples. Thanks!

Author: Amber from OH

I would not say "few". If you look around just as many women suffer these days as men. We are just better at hiding it. I would say that 70% go through hair loss before they are even 50. It is sad. I am going to give this supplement a try. I am 24 and my hair has thinned out already by 30%.

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Author: Robodude from mars

I personally endorse this product. My hair is thicker, and better than ever with this, and I honestly like it.

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Author: Jamal from Foliactive Forum

a quick question. Does this actually work or is it a placebo? I read that hair loss pills don't actually work, but I also read that some do. Im shopping around before I commit to something.

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Author: jose from Foliactive Forum

5 months, and I've notice a return to my original hairline. Now I no longer have a noticeable widows peak on my forehead, and I can confidently let my hair grow a bit longer again. I feel more confident with this.

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Author: Ashton from Foliactive Forum

I highly recommend this product for people who are going through hair loss. It might not work for everyone, but it did work for me after one month of use.

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Author: Captain Murica from Foliactive Forum

Some people are commenting about price, and not working, or strengthening hair but honestly? I think this product works. My hair is fuller, and thicker than it has been since I was in highschool about 10 years ago. I'm one solidly happy customer.

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Author: Darrel from Foliactive Forum

Honestly. I wasn't happy with this product. Not at all. Dont recommend it. Save your money. I'd rather go bald.

Author: Anonymous from Foliactive Forum

WOULD RATHER GO BALD!? Wow, now I have seen it all. I came on here to read reviews and this one really made me mad. I ordered it and when it works, I will be HAPPY to not be going bald. I would rather spend 20% of my income trying than go bald.

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Author: Dennis from Foliactive Forum

This product is just average for me. First off, it takes a bit longer than I was comfortable with to get working, and secondly, it's a little bit more expensive than similar brands. Still, it does work at preventing loss, but it doesn't feel like it strengthens anything. I still recommend the product if you want it.

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Author: Richard from Florida

This product is pretty good. Took longer than it was recommended to start working, and didn't notice any hair re-growth. But it did stop me from losing hair. I'm just happy it does as advertised

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Author: Keith from Township Wyoming

This product is pretty great actually. I've been using it for a while to prevent hair loss, and I actually started growing hair BACK. I highly recommend this product.

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Author: Joseph from Sacramento, CA

I tried several methos to regrow hair, none of them worked, but Foliactive did it and my life is changing.

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Author: Leonard from Pasadena

I was losing hair from collegue nad it was very upsetting, but with foliactive I am growing new hair, I am so glad I fpind the pills

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Author: Gary from Long Beach

I started to notice results, my hair is grwoing again, I hope soon I look totally diferent.

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Author: Nick from Michigan

I ma happy with these pills, now I ma more confident when approach people because I know I look better with more hair :D

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