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Author: H. Miller from Tucson

This is the third hair loss pill I've tried, and so far, the best! I'm so happy with my hair right now. Currently half way into the second bottle. Hoping to see further improvements.

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Author: Alan from Columbus

I'm confused by these products. Are they supposed to stop hair loss AND regrow hair? Or just stop hair loss? I'm looking for a solution to my receding hairline.

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Author: Mr Daniels from Portland

Follixin has been really great for me! At my age, I didn't expect complete hair regrowth, but I'm very pleased with the results so far. I'll continue to use this.

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Author: Car from Follixin forum

Mostly this just makes me feel more confident in myself. The hair loss was stopped, but not by much. I feel it's just slowing down the inevitability of what's going to happen. But the fact it's slowing it at least gives me hopes. So im rating it average to show that it works.

Author: Kevin from LA

How long have you been using it for? Make sure to give it a fair chance to help regrow your hair. Ensure your diet is good as well!

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Author: Lloyd from the internetz

After 4 mounths of taking the pills I am seeing some results and my hair is no falling by all the place, shower or bed. I think this is legit

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Author: Thomas L. from Sacramento, California

These pill are the best thing, they are really helping me with hair loss, I would wish to find follixin several years ago

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Author: Alfonzo from Los Angeles

I never belived that it could work, I tried since before I already tried everything to recover from baldness, what a surprise, something that worked for me!

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Author: Mr Klin from San Diego

I tried the product enough time and is god, you need patience, if you drop early you will never notice any change, as most things in life, it takes time.

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Author: Billywilly from Williamson, AK

Long, thick, luxurious hair is mine again. Im ready to hit the dating world again because now I got all the confidence in the world.

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Author: Anonymous from Follixin forum

Is this doctor recommended? Ive been hearing horror stories about buying drugs and stuff on the internet. Has it been FDA approved? I dont want to take it, have my hair grow, and get a heart attack or anything.

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Author: Gilmore from Follixin forum

Quick question: Would this be a gift to give someone? I dont want to upset them,but if they're already worried about hair loss, is it a good idea to get something like this?

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Author: Rayanne from Follixin forum

My Doctor recommended me something like this, diet, exercise and a change in my hygiene habits to stop my hair loss. I started exercising, shampooed and showered more. Ate better. Took these. Reversed hair loss. I like to think everything played a small part. Recommend.

Author: Albert from Anchorage

That's good advice. Follixin is a great product by itself, but improvements are much better with a healthy diet and regular exercise. It all helps!

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Author: Kimmy from Indiana

Woah. That's all I can say. So I tried this because women go through hair loss too (??) and it worked. But after 5 months it worked TOO good. Im growing more hair than I originally had. I dont know if this was for just men or something, but Im having hair growth in places I wasn't expecting. 4/5. 5/5 if it just stopped at my head.

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Author: Drossy from Michigan

exceeded all my expectations. I didn't have high hopes going into this stuff. But I found out it worked better than I thought it would. The advertisements, while a bit exaggerated for marketing, actually DO work on me. I just hope whoever tries this stuff next it works for as well as it did for me.

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Author: Unsatisfied from Follixin forum

Don't believe the hype. I was going bald when I tried this stuff, Im now almost bald after getting on it. I wnat my money back.

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Author: Bruce from Follixin forum

To be honest I went into this thinking that if this, and a few other things I tried out didn't work I'd be alright bald. So I wasn't going to give my hopes up too much. But much to my surprise? It worked. It didn't strengthen my hair, or regrow any. but it did stop the hair loss. I think combined with some other things, it helped out. So I recommend it.

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Author: Jerome from Follixin forum

Not a bad product. Going bald around the middle and was getting a "ring of shame." Tried this stuff out, along with some specialized shampoo and I have my normal hair back. I'm excited to feel like a man again!

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Author: Jackson from Follixin forum

So far Im diggin this product! No more hair loss, and my hair feels thicker lately. So now I don't have to worry about looking bald anymore!

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Author: Brian from NYC

Does this stuff really work? I wnt not to be bald so young, or old or never. Help me!

Author: Jim B from Washington

It worked for me, but I see is not working for every one, I can's speak fro all, just for me. Maybe they lack of patience idk.

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Author: cool dude from Los Angeles

I was so worry by becoming bald, but I could sttop my hair of falling with follixin, I can be the cool dude again B)

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Author: Jayden from Dixon

I think follixin is a good product, nad I am glad to try it, my hiar isnt falling anymore, I hope the results are permanent

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Author: Lenny from Ohio

For many years I looked for a product to stop my hair loss, none worked as I wished, but these pill did it, they do work.

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Author: Willy from Mahattan NY

Follixin was the soluton for me, it stopped my hair lose for now.

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