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Author: Jackie Fanrick from Baltimore

Does anything know where I can find this in stores? I would like to try it but I don't want to have to buy it online and wait for it to be shipped to me. Thanks!

Author: Bernie from Hair Growth Vitamins forum

I don't believe you can buy it in store. Check on Amazon. Sometimes you can find it on there with free 2 day shipping.

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Author: Albert M. from Alberta, Canada

I find that the over all appearance of my hair has improved. It feels strong when I brush it wet and dry and it seems to retain moisture much longer without being oily.

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Author: Frank McGuire from Belleville, AR

Thus far I have felt some new hairs coming in, similar to when you shave and the hair is slightly coming through the skin. My hair looks like it is healthier in general as well.

Author: Lenard Rouge from South Carolina

I had not noticed anything like this. You know how long you have been on it for? I and hoping to see better results soon. I am about half way through my first bottle and anxious to see some results!

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Author: Anonymous from Hair Growth Vitamins forum

Is this formula safe for teens? I am 15 and experiencing hair loss already. I am not sure if it is stress related or not. I don't get good sleep, I have mild insomnia. School is stressful as well. Anyone know if someone my age can take it?

Author: Tim F. from Hair Growth Vitamins forum

I think it would be okay since it is a natural based product BUT I still think you should speak with tour doctor first. Some natural ingredients can cause hormone imbalances in teens and young adults.

Author: Heather Greuy from NC

Speak with your doctor hun. My son wanted to start using this and he is 19, his doctor told him it is best to wait a few more years to see if it comes back on its own. You don't want to try something like this if you don't have to.

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Author: Kevin P. from Mississippi

My brother and I both got bottles and tried them together. Both of us have widow's peaks going on. He noticed new growth after 2 weeks and it did nothing for me. I guess it only works for some people, not for others.

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Author: Sammi from Hair Growth Vitamins forum

Can women use this too? I am not sure why but I can't seem to find where it says if the formula is for men or women or both. Anyone know?

Author: Patricia from Pine Lake, GA

Yes this is for both men and women. I am using it right now. It has not been long enough to tell if it is working or not but I feel like my hair is much softer than it was just a week ago.

Author: Jackson from Philly

Yes. My wife had just started using it with me. We had both had some thinning going on the last 5 years due-to a stressful move and job change. So farm we both feel it is helping the texture of each strand thicken up.

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Author: Jason from Hair Growth Vitamins forum

Not a fan of these at all. I got some bad upset stomach bouts the first few days so I stopped and then tried again, the same thing. I asked my doc and he said I shouldn't take them with my acid reflux medication.

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Author: Kathy Rhodes from MI

These were quite pricey for me so I only used one bottle. With that being said, I may not have taken them long enough to see results. My hair felt softer and that was about it.

Author: Anonymous from Hair Growth Vitamins forum

Kathy - give it another go. I did not see results till I was on the third bottle. I feel like it takes time depending on why the hair loss happened. Vitamin deficiencies are a big issue and those can take 2 to 6 months to correct.

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