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Author: Carry from Biogetica forum

Can I take this while I am breast feeding? I am going to be due in a few weeks and I would like to take something to ensure I don't lose any hair.

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Author: Kyle from Tucson

Softer hair. Thicker hair. Some growth. That is about what I noticed. The growth is just the length of my hair. I still do not see any new hairs coming in on my scalp.I will give it some more time.

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Author: Beth Vulsa from Long Beach

I didn't like how it made me feel. I had an almost morning sickness feeling going on. Was not fun to go to work with that. My husband thought I was pregnant again!

Author: Tina from Biogetica forum

I got this too. It only happened when I took it on an empty stomach. I think that may be your problem. Try taking it after you eat and see if it makes a difference. I eat and then take it 30 min after.

Author: Greg Malborn from FLO

I was sick to my stomach for a few days but it went away. I think it was just the adjustment to it. I get this when I take anything herbal.

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Author: Matt Belton from Oakland, CA

I wanted to like it. It is too expensive for me to continue to take even though my hair does feel nicer. I did not see any new hairs in any bald spots.

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Author: Will Dontin from AZ

How is the taste of this supplement? I have read mixed reviews. I don't want to waste money on something that tastes bad.. I know I would not use it.

Author: Jeff M. from Columbus

I didn't care for it but I am picky with flavors. It has a sweet taste but very herbal to me. I guess like a sweetened tea but I am not a tea fan.

Author: Rebecca S. from Biogetica forum

IT IS BAD! I felt like it smelled a lot better than it tasted. It is best to mix it in with something. Do not even try it straight. I can't stomach the taste!

Author: BamBam from TX

I don't know what is in it but my cat loves the smell. I can't tell you how it tastes. I don't get much of a taste from it at all but my taste buds are shot from eating hot and spicy food for over 20 years.

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Author: Sharron Helmsworth from UTAH

Very good experiences for me. I had mild upset stomach when I didn't take it with food but that was fixed by taking it after I ate breakfast. My hair feels about 20% thicker. Hoping to see some new growth come in soon!!

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Author: Patrick from California

At first I did notice my hair felt better over all. It felt thicker, looked shinier, and people were complimenting me on it. It didn't seem to last though. Shortly after I finished my first bottle, my hair went back to how it was prior to use.

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Author: Vince P. from Biogetica forum

Anyone know where I can find an ingredients list on this product? I seem to be having trouble finding the complete list.I have to make sure there are no allergies in it for me.

Author: Gail from Biogetica forum

I was wondering the same thing. I have done a bit of googling and I can't find anything. I read about this supplement in a blog article but they didn't mention the whole list.

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Author: Lee from Biogetica forum

I was not a fan of this. I am not sure if it was me or the product but I did not notice any change in the health or condition of my hair. Pass.

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