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Minoxidil scores 1.3 out of 5, based on 51 reviews in our Minoxidil forum.

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Author: Rick from Minoxidil forum

Can this be used when you are in your late 20's? I started losing hair around 22 and have not been able to slow it down. My doc said I could try something like this and I read it can work but I am not sure now with all the negative feedback.

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Author: Mr. Williams from Missouri

I am 47 years young. I took 3 bottles of Minoxidil as per the bottle's instructions. I noticed no new growth and it did not lessen my hair shed. I do not recommend it.

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Author: Jim from Canada

I'm 55 years old and started using Minoxidil pills about 3 months ago. Since I started this hair treatment, I have seen zero results and more hair loss than I've ever seen in my life. Waste of money!

Author: Brandom M. from NY

Same here. I noticed that my hair started to shed a lot more. Since I stopped, it has gone back to how it was prior to using Minoxidil. I will never use this chemical again. I might just go for transplants at this point.

Author: Casey from Pittsburgh, PA

My husband was using it and had no issues like this, thankfully. It didn't help his hair grow or anything but it didn't make it fall out more either. I am not sure what the deal is with this drug as it has worked for many people out there.

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Author: Nick Maxwell from US/UK

I cannot recommend this. I gave it 6 months to work. My doctor was so sure it would work with me within this time frame. It didn't do a darn thing. I ended up having stomach issues as well and for some reason, it shot up my blood pressure. I would run this past your doctor before trying it if you have heart issues or you are 40+ in age.

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Author: David from Minoxidil forum

My brother-in-law gave me a bottle of this to try since it didn't work for him. I noticed some growth within 2 weeks. My hair shed is not as bad and my scalp does feel fuller. I know it won't bring back all my lost hair but if it prevents it from falling out more, I will be happy.

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Author: Adam Kelly from Chicago - US

I gave this product 2 full months. Not only did it not work for me, but now I am having issues with a severely dry scalp. I never had dandruff in my life and now I can't get rid of what I have. I wrote to the company about it. I want my money back.

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Author: Lisa M. from Minoxidil forum

Does anyone know if this product can be used by women? I can't seem to find anything on it. I just want to make sure since they seem to have different formulas for men vs women because of our biological hormonal differences.

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Author: James from Kentucky

I am only giving it two stars as I didn't get any strange side effects. It just didn't work for me. At first, it seemed as if I was having less hair shed but I think that was just in my mind. On to the next one!

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