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Author: Brian Sexton from East

Can someone kindly answer a question for me? I am wondering if this can be taken while on a diet? I am losing weight and watching what I eat. I don't want it to not work because of that or cause me to stop losing weight either.

Author: Darlene from Nisim FAST forum

Brian check on Amazon. Some places sell 3 month supplies for a deal. I know I have seen them on there before. I have seen the whole system as part of a deal as well.

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Author: Anonymous from Nisim FAST forum

I don't recommenced them if you want hair growth. If you want softer hair that feels thicker, then sure this is fine. I did not see any new growth.

Author: Jasmine from New York

How long were you taking it for? I ask because my friend took Nisim and she said the first 2 months she did not see any growth and was going to give it one last try and in the 3rd month her temples started growing in new hair. I am using it myself now and I do have nice feeling hair but I am waiting on the new growth still.

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Author: Jacob from Canada

My hair had thinned a lot from stress. I have tried all the natural approaches and thought I had to get plugs done. I am glad I tried Nisim before making that decision because I believe my hair is finally growing back!

Author: Del from PA

Hey Jacob so this helped with stress related balding? My doc told me that my job caused me to lose my hair, high stress levels and what not. I might give this a try. He said it can be years before it comes back and that is if I keep stress sunder control.

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Author: Jim P. Davis from My Sofa

I am commenting on behalf of my loving wife. She is not sure how to use a computer. She has been taking Nisim Fast as well as using some of their other products and she has seen amazing results. With in 6 months, new hair growth came in and the thickness of her strands has returned. Her hairdresser even told her to keep doing what she is doing. She is very happy and that makes me happy too.

Author: Anonymous from Nisim FAST forum

Where did you purchase? I would like to get a 6 month supply but I have not found a good deal for it. Did you get a full 6 month supply?

Author: Jake C. from SD

I am glad it worked for you Jim. I am still waiting to see my results. I feel like I need to give it another month or two. I am on my second bottle now.

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Author: Becky from NA

This product was not for me. It seems to work for some people and not for others. I noticed my hair growing faster but no new hair or thickness. I would much rather take a hair, skin, and nails supplement for the same cost.

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Author: Greg Thompson from Little Rock

I am in my mid 40's. Started losing hair in my late 20's. I have tried everything out there and was about to give up but a cousin of mine's wife had mentioned Nisim to me. I gave it a chance and I am glad I did. Hair shedding has been cut in half. My hair looks darker and richer, graying seems to be fading. Over all my hair just looks and feels stronger and healthier.

Author: Kyle F. from USA

Your review convinced me to order. I am going to be getting them on Friday from the looks of it. I will be back with some good news! *fingers crossed*

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Author: Danny from Nisim FAST forum

Do I need to use their shampoo and conditioners along with the pills to get results? I know some treatments you have to use both internally and externally. Anyone have experience with this?

Author: Kenny from Nisim FAST forum

It is recomend on the site that you use their complete system to get the most out of it but I know someone who used it without the hair products and saw great results.

Author: Terry D. from Los Angeles

No Danny you do not need to use it but it is part of a system. I have used just the pills and the pills with the whole system and I noticed a BIG difference when I did the whole system rather than the pills alone.

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