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Author: Nigel from Packer's City

I have given it three months and have not seen any new hair growth BUT my brother has. Keeping that in mind, I am still giving it two stars for my own experience. It smells weird, gave me gas, did nothing for my hair that I could notice, and I believe it dried my skin out. My brother? He has a much thicker hairline. Go figure. Best to try it for yourself.

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Author: Mel B. Vines from South Dakota

I am not experiencing any side effects but it does have a funny taste upon burping. Too soon to say if it will work or not but my wife thinks my hair looks less gray over all and thicker.

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Author: Anonymous from Procerin forum

Do I need to use the spray with the supplements or can I just use one or the other. I was reading through reviews and no one really says if they use both or just one. I can't afford both right now.

Author: Seth Ellington from Missouri

You don't have to use both but when it is a system, it is recommended to achieve the best results you can from the product. I think the supplements are the most important part of any program. Just getting those and you should see some good change.

Author: John Baker from WY

I used just the pills myself and I am seeing some new growth coming in on the sides. Not much, but it is a start. My beard is also much thicker so that is an added bonus.

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Author: SadCat from Washington, DC

Someone I work with told me about Procerin. I was excited to give it a try. I got 3 months worth of it and started right away. I had finished all 3 bottles and not only was there no new growth, but I started getting back acne at the 2 month mark. I haven't had that issue since I was in my teens. Disappointed.

Author: Lynn Rose from St. Peterson

I know this may sound silly but a lot of vitamins give this issue to me. It is because they are re-balancing your hormones. With time, it will stop. I did not experience it much with Procerin though.

Author: Jane from Procerin forum

I had experienced some weird acne as well as gas. I had asked my doctor about it and she believes it is because I have a floral imbalance in my gut. I am getting tested next Tuesday.

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Author: Derick G. from Procerin forum

I felt like it was trying to work but couldn't get the job done. I didn't notice any ill effects and my hair does look more healthy but no new growth at all.

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Author: Lisa Parks from New Mexico

NO GOOD! I feel like it did nothing for my hair and it made me break out. I am not sure what went wrong here. It was recommended so much at work.

Author: Anonymous from Procerin forum

I am going to assume you are a woman. This is a men's formula. Are you sure this is what you took? If so, then this is your problem. Have to read bottles more closely.

Author: Kyle D. from PC

I think that I had actually received the men's formula without even meaning to order it so maybe this was a mistake on the seller's behalf. I am find with it as I am a man anyways. I am seeing some promising results but I need to take it longer.

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Author: Wolf from LA

I gave it 3 months. I noticed change in the beginning. Mostly my texture just felt better and thicker. After that, nothing else. It seems like it only did so much and just stopped working. I will try something else.

Author: Larry M. from Procerin forum

I had the same results. Felt like it was making a difference then just stopped. I am going to look in to where I got them form. I bought from two different places, maybe the second and third bottle were expired.

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