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Author: Michael W. from Texas

It helped my friend at work. It helped my brother-in-law. It didn't help me. I was disappointed because I had seen what it can do. I guess if you are considering it, you will have to try it out to know if it will work or not for yourself.

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Author: Nicole Baldon from Cincinnati, Ohio

I am just wondering if anyone knows if this is topical or not and if it can be used by an older woman. My mother is considering trying it but I want to make sure it is safe for her first. She is 61.

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Author: Dave79 from UK

Have been taking Propecia for almost a year now. My hair is still thinning, probably even more so now than it used to. Propecia has been an absolute waste of time and money. It does not work.

Author: Shawn Kimble from San Fran

Same results for me as well. My hair seemed to shed more. I gave it about 6 months before I finally just gave up with it. I read hair loss can be increased at the beginning but it never let up.

Author: Anonymous from Propecia forum

How much does this medication run? Do I need to get it through a doctor? I know you said it doesn't work but I have heard of it working well for a few guys at work and I want to look into it.

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Author: Vince B. from Propecia forum

I am not sure how to feel about this. I can tell it has made my hair thicker and it seems to be helping my hair grow in some places but the smell gets me sick to my stomach and it dries out my scalp something bad. I don't know if I will continue using it.

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Author: Mathew Sanders from USA

It is not something that works for everyone, clearly. It worked great for my sister, my mother, and a friend of mine but did nothing for me. I guess we are all not wired the same way. It didn't make anything worse at least.

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Author: Louie Mick from Las Vegas, Nevada

I have tried just about every hair loss remedy you can get from the doc or buy at the store. This one seemed promising but like the other before it, it failed to work long term. It seemed to help for maybe 2 months and then the effects stopped and my hair loss continued.

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Author: Rene D. from OHIO

My husband was using Propecia for 3 months. The first month there was no change. The second month he started developing a dry scalp. By the third month, he had dandruff so bad he needed to go to a doctor. I think some men are allergic to this so be careful.

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Author: Patrick from NA

It kept my hair shed down to a minimum but did nothing for hair growth and for the cost, I just couldn't keep buying it. I swapped this out for a daily men's vitamin and will use shampoo for hair loss.

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Author: Mitch from Florida, USA

Propecia was prescribed to my brother-in-law for his enlarged prostate and his hair started coming back from being on it. I found out it can be used to treat hair loss in men. I decided to give it a try and it didn't work. It felt like the hair I had was thicker but the loss and bald areas were still there.

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