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Author: Don from MX

Provillus is basically an all-natural alternative to Finasteride - this can be found in Propecia. The main active ingredient is Saw Palmetto herb, which is known to have similar effects to Finasteride in some, but apparently not all, people. So I decided to give it a try and stopped my Propecia treatment just to see the effects of Provillus and after six months I can say I am happy!...

Author: Don from MX

... so I am very happy with the results! Provillus does help stop hair loss and it has no side effects of propecia and other medications. Highly recommended!

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Author: Jims from Washington

Provilus is excellent, I tried several pills, but only provilus demostrated its efectiviness, this is a confidence boost.

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Author: Allan from New York

It took a while but I notice a little change in my hairline, I hope see better results in the next weeks.

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Author: Ramirez from Los Angeles

I began losing hair several years ago and never believed in pills or other solutions, but provilus is real, I am recovering my hair!

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Author: Jaques from Ontario

I took provilus for a month and then I started to see cahnges, it was amazing, I have hope now to look young again.

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Author: Jacob D from Wisconsin

Provilus is the best product for hair loss, every time I see less hair falling from my head.

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Author: captainjim from Long Beach

Provilus is the ultimate solution for hair loss, until now no side effects and my hair is in its place, my head, not the shower.

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Author: georgeoak from The Beatiful Florida

I was afraid of never could do something for may hair loss, but I found provillus, and what a relief! I don't know if works for everyone, but did for me.

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Author: Alan from Mexico City

I think provillus are the best pills in the market to stop hair loss, is easy to use unlike shampoo, lotions and other stuff.

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Author: Anna from Montreal

These pills totally works. They are safe and can stop hiar loss, try it.

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Author: dux91 from Houston

Does sprovillus really work? I am desperate!

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Author: Aflred from Chicago, Illinois

Until now these pills are the only moethod that stooped my hair of falling. Took just three weeks to notice it.

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Author: Erick VM from Tijuana

I was tired of products that promised hel with hair loss. Provillum pills did it! I recomend it for a real solution.

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Author: Francis from New England

Provillus is simply great. If you suffer of hair loss, you will not regret, it worked for me.

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Author: Neil S. from NYC

My hair loss made me doubt to go out and have fun, I was scared everybody was judging my balding head, maybe wasnt true, but now I feel great, I am not losing any hair now.

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Author: Joe J from San Francisco

I was waiting for some pills likle provillus, I was losing my hope, but my hair loss stopped one teo month ago.

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Author: Mark from New Jersey

This product really helped me with my hair, I am content wit it, I will even recommend it to my facebook friends.

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Author: Richard from London

I tried lotions and other pills, but nothing changed. With provillus I am noticing a change in my losing hair patern, I think the amount of falling hair is less and less.

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Author: Jake from Vancouver

it works apparently, but I am still losing hair, but I think it has been reduced, and I will give it more time, to see if can totally stop lose hair

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Author: Charles from Miami

Its sad to find your hair in the pillow and the fllor all time. This are the first pills that worked for me. I am not losing ahir anymore.

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Author: Pablo Enrique from NYC

This is great. I am just 35 but balding from 20. My hair loos just stopped. I am happy with Provillus

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Author: Loco Bill from LA California

After some weeks of try, I can say I can trust in provillus, now I have hop to keep my hair for the future years. Gracias

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Author: Jorge from Indianapolis

This is the only product that stopped my hair loss, I tried severl of them, always dissapointed, my hair kept falling until I tried this one for some months.

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Author: Bob from Texas

I already stopped to find hair in my shower or pillow, I am so glad I found provillus.

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Author: Luke from Death Valley, CA

I am youn, yet my hairline is reciding, after trying severl method, at least this one is doing something for me. Thanks.

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Author: Jefferson from Wahington

Iwas very sad, was balding last years and Provillus really helped me with that. I feel very confident now

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Author: Steven R. from US

It stopped my hair loss in a few days. And after 2 weeks taking Provillus supplement, I knew I had found the pills that worked for me!

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