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Viviscal scores 2.7 out of 5, based on 62 reviews in our Viviscal forum.

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Author: Amanda from US

Rating solely based off zero side effects after first few weeks of use when they are most commonly found. I have not had a single issue. Female 35. Will update review in terms of hair growth/strength at 2 & 3 months.

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Author: Lillie from San Marcos Ca

3 years ago I used Viviscal for 6 months and saw significant reduction in shedding and loss. 10 months ago hair starting falling out again. I went back on Viviscal but unfortunately after 9 months on it twice a day, my hair is falling out worse than ever. I have side effects. I think its time to try something else but i dont know what

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Author: Anonymous from Louisville

I have only taken 1 dose but immediately noticed that night I had dry mouth and my stomach was bloated! I took the other pill before bed time, this morning I still have dry mouth and my stomach is tender and bloated. Normal? I’m not sure I will skip taking it today and see if I feel better tomorrow.

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Author: Anonymous from new mexico

I couldn't imagine what was happening to my weight. I gained 8# and it was going up from that. I go to the last change to solve a mystery. I stopped the pills and had immediate loss of 5#. It's not for me.

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Author: mstleblanc from fl

strange website if im not happy with vivscal try Provillus?

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Author: Atlanta Girl from Atlanta Ga

My hair growth has been all over. I bought this product because I had some extensions break my hair off at the root and after 2 months my hair dresser has been blown away by my hair growth but I am starting to have stomach issues and constipation which I have never had. I may have to take a break using this product but it has done wonders on the growth of my hair

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Author: Anonymous from Minnesota

I've been taking Viviscal for two weeks now and feel very jittery and nervous all the time, as well as depressed. My blood pressure is normally 120 over 78. It has jumped to 158 over 100. I am immediately discontinuing taking this product.

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Author: Ashley from Viviscal forum

I started taking Viviscal about 3 months ago. At first, I noticed a lot of changes.. My hair was thicker, bouncier, and just looked healthier in general. Then it seemed to wear off. A friend told me that she thinks I bought some fake ones. Be careful of those fakes!

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Author: Donald Burke from West Side

First week I experienced some issues with gas and a bit of nausea. Second week I felt better and even had more energy. Third week I am noticing my hair texture is more thick and not breaking off as much. Week four no new change. I am going to give it another month.

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Author: Henry Vaulk from Texas

Will this interfere with GERD medication? If not, will it bother my stomach at all? Some foods, drinks, and vitamins tend to give me really bad indigestion and heart burn.

Author: Vince from Viviscal forum

It did not bother me or mine but you should speak with your doctor to be sure. I have very mild stomach issues and no longer need medication. I just have to watch what I eat. Viviscal has not produced any results for me thus far though.

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Author: Kathy Ann from Pennsylvania

I purchased the wrong kind by mistake. This one is for men. I could not return it so I gave it to my neighbor.

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Author: Jason from Detroit

I tried the regular formula then I tried the one for men (pictured above) and I noticed a difference with the men's formula but no new growth yet. It has been almost 2 months.

Author: Johnathon D. from Louisiana

I gave it 4 months and did not see growth. I think I will be finishing up this last batch and calling it quits. I guess it only works for some, not everyone.

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Author: Paul Wellington from Maine

I used the extra strength formula and seen some nice results. My hair is growing about 2 times faster, less shedding, and it feels thicker through my fingers. No signs of new growth yet but it has only been 3 weeks.

Author: Anonymous from Viviscal forum

How long has it been since you posted this? I am wanting to see if you ended up with more results. I am going to be in my sister's wedding and I want my hair to be thicker by then. It is in June.

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Author: Carole V. from Arizona

I am not sure where to begin on this. The only positive thing I noticed was that my acne had actually reduced. Last I checked, this was for hair growth. I tried 2 bottles and I noticed no new growth. My hair looked shinier and my skin got clearer, but that was it.

Author: Dave from MI

Carole, are you sure you used the right formula? They have both a mens and womens formula. My sister in-law used the one for men and it didn't give her results either.

Author: Melissa Ferell from North Carolina

I did the same thing but I was able to exchange it. When I had purchased it, it didn't so for men in the description but it did show it in the picture. So I used the women's formula for about a month and didn't see any noticeable change yet.

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Author: Joe from NA

I am just wondering if this is okay to take if you are on medications. Does anyone know of any medical restrictions? I am 39, male.

Author: Anonymous from Viviscal forum

You need to speak with your doctor about this. I have taken it just fine with my meds but my doctor told me he was glad I asked because some hair growth products out there interact badly with medications.

Author: Sasha Wringer from Florida

I agree with the other comment. My husband wanted to try these but his doctor advised him not to use them whilst still on his blood pressure medicine.

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